Two Days of Crisis Management in ICU

EMICC is the only CRM and Human Factors Course for Intensive Care Medicine in Australasia

This 2-day interprofessional course is targeting senior trainees, consultants and senior nurses working in Intensive Care.

In this course you will learn the principles of effective teamwork in the Critical Care setting as well as essential skills for emergency management of the deteriorating ICU patient. The course program consist of a vibrant mixture of lectures, workshops and immersive simulation.

Course Modules include

  • Errors in Medicine

  • Human Factors

  • Crisis Resource Management

  • Effective Communication

  • Teamwork

  • Airway and Ventilator Emergencies

  • Emergency Resternotomy

  • Emergency Vascular Access

  • Trauma Management



Human Factors, Errors and Crises

Human Factors and their central importance to health care and crisis management

Errors and the role of human factors in their causation, avoidance and management

Crisis Resource Management in Aviation

Crisis Resource Management (CRM)

Scenario Intensive Care Crisis

Teamwork (Leadership and Role Distribution), Prioritisation

Scenario Trauma Management


Errors in ICU

Pacing Emergencies

Cardiothoracic Emergencies

Workshop Emergency Resternotomy and Internal defibrillation

Scenario Cathlab Emergencies

Difficult Airway Management

Workshop FONA

Airway Emergencies



Nurses $800

Registrars $1200

Consultants $1800

The course fee includes

  • Course Handbook
  • Fully catered (morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea
  • Drinks and nibbles at the end of day 2

Course Materials

There is no compulsory course prereading. We have however created a list of links to materials you may want to have a look at  and listen to respectively. This is to set the scene for the course.

Just a Routine Operation

In this video Martin Bromiley, a commercial pilot and human factors expert, describes the events leading to the death of his wife Elaine who died in 2007 due to medical error.

Link to youtube.com

99% invisible – Cautionary Tales

Remember the 2017 Academy Awards when the Best Picture Oscar was handed to the wrong movie?

There are tons of similarities between the system flaws that led to this embarrassing moment on TV and those that occasional lead to the death of a patient.

Link to 99percentinvisible.org

The Field Guide to understanding Human Error

Sidney W. A. Dekker, is a Professor at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia. He is an internationally reknown Human Factors and Safety expert. His book The Field Guide to understanding human Error makes an excellent read. Maybe not before the course but certainly  worth buying if EMICC sparked your interest in a deeper understanding of the topic.

Link to amazon.com.au

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